PetroKazakhstan at WPC


The development of the oil and gas industry has become a main subject of the 21st World Petroleum Congress that took place in Moscow on June 15-19.

Kazakhstan was presented with the common country stand, where 6 biggest oil and gas companies of the Kazakhstani Project – NCOC, KMG, KPO, TCO, PetroKazakhstan and a new project – Eurasia -participated under the auspices of KazEnergy Association.

PetroKazakhstan made 2 presentations for the participants and guests of the World Petroleum Congress. Agzam Sharmenov, Senior Manager, Geology & Geophysics, made a presentation for the guests on the “Prospecting and Exploration in the South-Turgai Basin of “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources”. The presentation particularly noted that for the last 10 years “PetroKazakhstan” invested over USD 400 Mio. in the geological exploration and drilled 182 exploratory wells. Success of drilling activities is 65%-75%.

After which, a video film was shown for the colleagues in the oil and gas sector. This film presented the information to the public on the Scholarship Program “PetroKazakshtan” – its place in the education of the youth of Kyzylorda oblast, the opportunity to graduate with technical degrees based on the international practices and the general direction of the implementation of the country policy in the field of the international education. 

Amongst the guests who visited the Kazakhstani stand should be noted Uzakbai Karabalin, Minister of Oil and Gas, Vagit Alekperov, President of Russian Lukoil, Tim Miller, General Director of Tengizchevroil,   Damiano Ratti, General Director of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating and others. 

It should be also mentioned that a new Chairman of WPC, Mr. Joseph Tott visited the Kazakhstani stand, where he participated in the awarding of Mr. Miller and Mr. Ratti with KazEnergy medals for their contribution to the development of the oil and gas sector of the country. 

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