PetroKazakhstan Olympics


This weekend, the first Olympics among the Company branches’ employees took place in Almaty. Three teams from Almaty, Kyzylorda and Shymkent showed their athletic skills.

Many people have already heard about PetroKazakhstan’s successes in the petroleum industry. Previously, to keep the employees enthusiastic and their team spirit elated, the Company was organizing a series of small scale events; meanwhile this was the first time that such major event as the PK Olympics was held. Their aim was to strengthen the corporate spirit and promote the healthy lifestyle. Chen Dayou, Vice-President of PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources: “We hope that today is the day of friendship and cooperation, as we are working in different locations and communicate with each other only via phones”

Three teams from Almaty, Kyzylorda, and Shymkent were competing in four sports: ping pong, badminton, chess, and futsal that became very popular with the Company employees. Among participants were ordinary employees and company senior management who were striving for victory shoulder to shoulder, regardless of their positions and titles. Yessengheldy Yerubayev, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources Finance Department’s employee: “This is our first Olympics and we all have got huge impressions! I would like to wish our colleagues from other units and cities all the success in sports and their work!”

The last event in the Olympics was the futsal game with the media representatives. Journalists could not stand that corporate team spirit and lost 5:2 to the PK Team. Geniy Tuleghenov, sport newspaper chief editor: “Despite the fact that employees have come from different regions, they play really good; you bet they play football on a regular basis!” Cups are handed; medals and prizes are awarded to winners. The Company’s sportomania will not end just like this. The employees intend to play and train to see their dream – international sports competition – come true.

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