PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Winners Got Their Diplomas


In the message of the President of the country N.A. Nazarbayev to Kazakhstan people a lot of attention is given to education of the younger generation. Therefore PetroKazakhstan company is providing its full and entire support for positive steps of the state and in spite of the difficulties that it is facing during the period of the economic crisis it continues its program for support of the talented youth of Kyzylorda Oblast, thus making its contribution to formation of a highly professional and educated staff.

In this connection on Wednesday a ceremony took place to award the winners of the PetroKazakhstan Scholarship Program for Kyzylorda Oblast. After the performance of the Didar orchestra from the Korkyt Ata KSU the first person to speak was Yershan Uaiys, Advisor of the Oblast Akim, who presented his congratulations to the scholarship holders on behalf of the Oblast Akim, Bolatbek Kuandykov, and expressed his warmest wishes. “We are confident that today’s school leavers standing here in front of us will return tomorrow in the capacity of qualified experts”, he said.

Then the floor was given to Vice-President of Human Resources and Administration Mrs. Xin Zhonglin: “We have a very joyful event today. On the one hand, our first 2005 scholarship holders have graduated from universities and obtained their degrees that would open doors to high business and a world of finance. And on the other hand, we are sending our 2009 scholarship winners to study at leading universities of Kazakhstan and China.

We are very happy to welcome the graduates who were the winners of the first year of the scholarship program: Murat Bekzhanov, Talgat Bisenbayev, Azat Darmenov, Zhanar Zharimbetova, Natalya Ionycheva, Aigerim Karimbayeva, Aimurat Kudalsha, Ainar Rsdauletova, who are making their first steps at our company as workers. You will make your contribution to development of our business and prosperity of Kyzylorda Oblast.

I wish the 2009 scholarship holders new achievements on their life path. All 13 students are the best and outstanding representatives of the oblast young generation. You have been granted a unique opportunity to acquire knowledge and, upon your return to Kyzylorda Oblast, to become high level specialists having both theoretical knowledge in our industry and practical skills of working in today’s environment. And today looking at you I see the future of the company. Good luck to all of you”.

After that the scholarship winners went up to the stage to present her a bouquet of flowers. And Mrs. Xin Zhonglin presented to the 2009 winners laptops and certificates on behalf of the company.

The first year scholarship winners were not hiding their sincere and warm words. A 2009 graduate of the University of Calgary, Canada, Natalya Ionycheva: “From the bottom of my heart I would like to express my deepest gratitude to PetroKazakhstan for the opportunity to study at the best universities of Kazakhstan, China and Canada that was granted to us – boys and girls from Kyzylorda. I am endlessly thankful to my family, friends and the company for their support and care during all these years. I would like to add that the four years of study spent in Canada allowed me not only to acquire necessary valuable knowledge and skills in my major, but also exerted a great positive influence on formation of my personality and of me as an adult person. I would like to sincerely wish the 2009 scholarship winners success in their study and good luck in their life! Set high goals for yourselves and do your best to achieve them, work hard and your efforts will surely be paid off in full”.

A graduate of the Kazakhstan-British Technical University, Almaty: “This Scholarship Program is of great support for the youth of Kyzylorda Oblast, because everyone is dreaming to study at leading universities of Kazakhstan and China. Thanks to this program our dreams come true. To all my countrymen who are studying under this program I would like to wish good luck in their uneasy and joyful student life. I thank PetroKazakhstan company very much for creating and putting into life the Scholarship Program”.

Sh. Bekban

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