PKOP’s achievements in sports in honor of Oilmen’s Day


In early September in Atyrau there was an open football tournament among oil companies devoted to celebrations of the Day of Oil and Gas Workers and the 110th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Oil. 4 teams took part in the tournament: the football team of EmbaMunaiGaz (Atyrau), the football team of KazTransOil AO (Atyrau), the football team of PKOP TOO (Shymkent) and the football team of ANPZ TOO (Atyrau) being the tournament organizer.

Our picked team was represented by M. Arimkulov, N. Maimakov, G. Abdikarimov, M. Balabekov, A. Vaganov, G. Derbisbayev, B. Kaldykozov, N. Kubanov, D. Korniyenko, T. Kairbekov, Ye. Morunov, A. Pak, V. Romanenko, D. Safronov, T. Sugurbayev, N. Tulembetov and the team coach Igor Nikolayevich Zaitsev.

All teams showed a good game, but only the strongest ones reached the final straight, namely PKOP and ANPZ. Both teams had absolutely equal achievements in all respects, even in the numbers of scored and missed goals! Therefore both teams were starting the final game like from a blank sheet. The football fortune was on the side of ANPZ team and the guys from Atyrau won in the second half with score 2-1.

Despite the fact that we have won only the second prize, our PKOP team was the only guest at the tournament and has shown a good team spirit, interesting tactics and endless diligence. Every player of the team was awarded with certificates of honor and was wished great achievements in sports!

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