President’s Awards and KazEnergy Awards ceremony was held to honor PetroKazakhstan employees


On 12 March 2010 President’s Awards and KazEnergy Awards ceremony was held in the Rixos Hotel Almaty ballroom to honor PetroKazakhstan employees that significantly contributed to the Company performance.

According to 2009 data, PetroKazakhstan Group of companies was the 4th major oil producer in Kazakhstan, which is a part of impressive success of the country’s petroleum industry, and PetroKazakhstan’s contribution to sustaining Kazakhstan’s economy in times of crisis.

As said by Mr. Wei Yuxiang, PetroKazakhstan President, in the course of his congratulatory address: “I am pleased to say that Kazakhstani oil and gas community also highly appraised an input of PetroKazakhstan employees into development of oil and gas sector awarding 5 PetroKazakhstan employees by medals of KazEnergy Association.”

This is the first time that KazEnergy awards employees of petroleum industry. An award decision is taken by the Award Committee, established specifically for this purpose, and comprised of the representatives of the Government, relevant Ministries, as well senior management of the major petroleum companies under chairmanship of Mr. T.A. Kulibayev, Head of KazEnergy Association. During the Award Committee meetings merits of the best employees of petroleum and energy supply industries are considered in detail, which is in line with higher status of this award.

People working at the refinery and in the fields are among the winners from PetroKazakhstan. The Company staff members nominate employees that performed the shortest planned overhaul of the refinery to provide the South of Kazakhstan with oil products, as well as those employees, who in severe field conditions contributed their experience and efforts to ensure production plan performance.

These people are:

Jian Shi, Vice Presiden, Manufacturing Department, PKOP TOO

Amanali Emberdiev, Director, HSE Department, PKOP TOO

Adilbek Bekliev, Manager, Oil Production Operations, PKKR AO 

Tleubergen Shautai, Head, Capital Construction Department, PKKR AO

Muratbek Badayev, leading power engineer, PKKR AO

In addition, 63 Company employees received the PetroKazakhstan President’s Award for their professionalism and commitment.

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