On April 6 of this year, the eighth annual traditional mini-football tournament among departments of PKKR JSC dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland of RK was held in the sport complex of PetroKazakhstan. 6 teams gathered in the football hall. These teams are «PRODUCTION SHOP» (team  members: Tobashov Bagdatbek, Bakhytbekuly Dias, Agilski Manas, Seitkhanov Azamat, Tolegenov Bekulan, Tolegenov Aidos, Akkoiyanov Zhenisbek, Azhikenov Yerlan, Kusayev Nurbol), “PRODUCTION ENGINEERING” (team  members:Nurkozhayev GAbit, Inoyatov Murat, Baizakov Dias, Islambek Asan, Mukhamedov Bolat, Alaidar Yeldos, Suleyev Madiyar, Kenbayev Bagdat, Zhunusov Kairat), “CES” (team  members:Karimsakov Alisher, Seitkasym Nursultan, Shadenov Temirlan, Kaltayev Abai, Undirbayev Murat, Kudalsha Aimurat, Zhasekenov Yermek, Bakyt Nursultan), “MRM” (team  members:Galymzhanuly Alimzhan, Dzhunusov Amanbek, Alipbayev Amangeldy, Tobashev Yerkin, Orynbayev Mukhamed-Ali, Zhanzakov Adi, Muratbayev Sultan, Artykov Aldаbergen), “OFFICE” (team  members: Moldabekov Adilzhan, Yerubayev Yesengeldi, Derbisali Nurali, Zinabdinov Sanzhar, Dosmaganbetov Rauankhan, Muslimov Baglan, Sherekhan Olzhas, Ibragim Kairat) and “PROJECT DEPARTMENT” (team  members:Ismatullayev Ruslan, Serikbayev Aibol, Nurmanov Olzhas, Umartayev Gabit, Rakhat Dosmanbetov, Shengelbai Nurbol, Akhmetov Isatai, Zhurabekov Asylbek).

In spite of corporate status of the competition, serious passions ran high on the floor. There were agitation, emotions of triumphs and bitterness of defeats. First things first.

Participants were divided into two groups consisting of three teams in each group. The “MRM”, “Production engineering” and “CES” teams met in a group “A”, meanwhile, the “Production shop”, “Office” and “Project department” teams were in a group “B”.

As expected, the battles turned serious. All participating teams have demonstrated a decent level of the game and the desire to win. An interesting situation has developed in two groups: in group “A”, there were two favorite teams “MRM” and “Production engineering”, in which “MRM” team won with the score 2:1. In group “B” during the game between the teams “Production shop” and “Office”, “city” football players beat “kumkol” with a score of 5:4. So, according to the results of the qualifier, the teams “MRM”, “Production engineering”, “Production shop”, and “Office” reached the semifinal. Football destiny brought those teams together again in the final games.

Playoff matches turned out to be incredibly interesting. Each game was noisy and unpredictable. In the first semi-final, the “MRM” and the “Production shop” played in earnest. The rivals took turns to go forward. There were many beautiful combinations and good goals. By only one goal advantage, the team “MRM” won 4:3 and got into the final. The first finalist was determined.

In the second semifinal, the outcome of the game between the teams “Production engineering” and “Office” was decided in favor of the “Production engineering” team, which pulled out a victory with a small gap score of 4:3. After the final whistle, the second finalist was determined.

Before the long-awaited final game, the match for the 3rd place was held, in which the teams “Production shop” and “Office” met again. In the rematch, the “Production shop” team won with a score of 6:1.

And then there was the final. Two favorites, who have the competitive spirit for a long time. In the decisive match, the “Production engineering” team/strong>under the slogan “In order to win, have to score a goal” managed to defeat an equally experienced and stubborn rival – the “MRM” team and won with a score of 6:2. The champion cup of the tournament was won by the “Production engineering” team..

Bolat Kusherbayev, Vice-President for Capital Construction and External Affairs, celebrated the winners at the closing ceremony. In his welcoming speech, Bolat Yeleuovich noted the excellent athletic training of the teams and the decent performance of individual participants in the competition.

Tournament winners and nominees received diplomas and valuable gifts. For І place – electric samovar, for ІІ place – fitness bracelet, for ІІІ place – food thermos.

Individual prizes were received by Dias Baizakov (Production engineering, “Best Player” nomination),  Nurali Derbisali (Office, “Best Defender”), Bekulan Tolegenov (Production shop, “Best Forward Bombardier”), Alimzhan Galymzhanuly (MRM, “Best Goalkeeper”).

The tournament participants were rewarded with money from Trade Union Committee. All six teams were awarded with 20 000 tenge for an active healthy lifestyle.

The tournament was a success, it was memorable.  Tournament is over and this means that there will be new competitions, new opportunities to get together and play the favorite game.

Public Relations Department

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