Safety campaign


For purposes of increasing safety culture level with PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources AO employees June was announced in company a Month of safety and labor protection, industrial safety and environment protection. This event is held every year, and this year it was held in new format, including a set of meaningful events.
– Every employee irrespective of his position, takes labor safety as his personal obligation, – said vice president on development and capital construction PKKR AO Bolat Kusherbaev. – On how we all will handle the labor safety issues, depends the most important thing – people’s life and health. Month of safety for us is an additional impulse for a more weighted and serious attitude to safety issues at all levels. We are going to have to work a lot as to improvement process. And the work is moving ahead by little but confident steps.

On June 5 c.y. at the initiative of trade union jointly with HSSE department  Kumkol field held a meeting on safety issues with participation of deputy chief Department on control and social protection in Kyzylorda oblast Utep Khasanov. There took part company main shops employees. One of particularities of holding the Month became action «Raids of gratitude». HSSE group employees together with shops leaders identified best employees, who strictly obeyed HSSE requirements and safety rules at work. For safe activity and conditions at work place 55 Kumkol and KAM fields employees were awarded special signs «Safety first!».
-Improvement of safety and industrial safety indices is always in the center of our attention, – coordinator of project «Korgau» Svetlana Turemanova. HSSE team leader says – We will continue to train the employees to safe rules of work performance and raise corporate standards in this sphere. We are pleased to encourage initiative colleagues, who demonstrated special attention to safety. Letters of gratitude of chairperson of the Board of PKKR AO Qin Hongwei were awarded to 12 employees, who suggested measures on improvement of conditions of safety and labor protection and having no HSSE violations.

On June 26 Kumkol field within the frameworks of the month of safety and labor protection, industrial safety, environment protection held contest «Best shop for HSSE». The contest turned into an interesting event where each shop strove to prove that safety is primary production task. In the event participated 5 teams – CPF Kumkol o/f, CGF Kumkol o/f, CDNG Kumkol o/f, GO CGF KAM o/f, Gathering systems KAM o/f.

From June 18 to 25 children drawings contest «Children’s view of labor protection» was held among PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources AO company employees’ children. On June 27  at children camp «Arai Sunrise» drawings exhibition took place, contest results finalized and determined its winners. The contest was in two age categories from 7 to 10 years old and from 11 to 14 years old. Winners of the contest were awarded diplomas and prizes, and participants took presents.

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