Scheduled shutdown of Shymkent refinery

Shymkent refinery, which is owned and managed by PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP, will be shut down for the period from March 20 to April 26, 2015 for scheduled turnaround maintenance. The following preventing maintenance activities are planned to be fulfilled within the period of turnaround maintenance: technical inspection of vessels and apparatuses,  repair of pumps and compressors, inspection of process furnaces, inspection and examination of process pipelines, preventive maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, instruments and meters, replacement of obsolete equipment, as well as works connected with refinery revamp.                   

The schedule of PKOP shutdown for turnaround maintenance has been agreed with RK Ministry of Energy.

Socially important oil products have been accumulated in refinery tanks prior to the shutdown for turnaround maintenance: about 87 700 thous. tons of commercial oil products, including 31 900 thous. tons of gasolines and 30 thous. tons of diesel fuel.  

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