Shapagat Rehabilitation Center: Moving is Living


A traditional sports day under “Moving is Living” motto took place in Shapagat rehabilitation center for disabled children (Kazaly district), commemorating its 15th anniversary. Two teams, Barys and Kyran, participated in a relay race.

The winner was determined by the results in six sports. Sports event organizers chose easy sports for the children. Kyran team won the first place in the end of an interesting and exciting competition. They were faster and stronger in ball games, at arm wrestling and skills. Barys dominated in sack race and tug-of-war. But a draw game was announced in ball sports. Thus, Kyran team was declared the winner by an impartial jury. Team captain Gaziz Zhetesuly lifted the trophy over his head in a solemn atmosphere.

Saken Alishev, a representative of Kyzylorda Children’s Rights Defense Department for Kazaly district, praised the participants for their striving for victory, and told that kids demonstrated their skills and will despite disabilities they have. Physical training and sports means health. He wished children to stay strong, both spiritually and physically, because victory goes over to strong.

PKKR PR Manager Husain Sarsembayev presented special gifts to the children. And then he gave presents and Kumkol’s 25th Anniversary medals to Shapagat teachers. Seven teachers working in Shapagat since its foundation were bestowed for the selfless and devoted work with children.

Husain Sarsembayev highlighted that PetroKazakhstan has been sustaining the rehabilitation centre for 12 years already. The company also mentors a Zhanakorgan district kindergarten employing 25 teachers. He said that all of them put their heart and soul in the younger generation education and treatment of children with disabilities. PKKR management decided to award jubilee-medals to the best teachers given their merits and work experience. “This is your achievement. My congratulations!” he said.
Shapagat provides medical, psychological and educational assistance to 40 children with disabilities, impaired vision, speech and hearing, and central nervous system disorders. Over two hundred disabled children have received specialty care for the past 15 years in Shapagat. Forty-five of them were able to return to regular schools thanks to rehabilitation.

Shapagat President, Shynar Zhensikbayeva, told that year 2011 turned out to be very eventful for Shapagatians. Thanks to Kazaly district Akim, Aytbai Kosherbai, the center has celebrated two housewarming parties in the year of its 15th anniversary. And such important events take place in the year of the 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. She thanked and congratulated the trustee and sponsor, PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources, celebrating the 25th anniversary of Kumkol development. She said that today’s medals is the ultimate result of a 15 years’ work, tears and suffering, smiles and bliss, suffering and hope of Shapagat, and thanked for the honor. She mentioned that PKKR representatives gave a great gift to their children and staff. And she expressed appreciation and gratitude on behalf of the children and staff of rehabilitation center.

Alibek Bayshulenov

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