Sharing experience in modernization of refinery


An introductory trip of the PKOP’s management to China’s integrated refinery and petrochemical complex in Dushanzi was organized upon the decision of CNPC management and took place from 26 June to 3 July 2011. The delegation included the following representatives: Vice-President, Production, PKOP, Jiang Shi, Technical Director, PKOP, S.V.Pilipenko. Director, Modernization, T.D.Mandariya, Director, Health, Safety and Environment, Chief Technical Head of Occupational Safety A.Yemberdiyev, Director of TTU A.Aukhin, Chief Energy Engineer Zh.Minzhasarov, Chief Metrologist A.Korniyenko, Chief Technological Engineer N.Nurashev and Assistant of the PR Department Ye.Zhumakyn.

A tour of the refining and petrochemical plant was organized upon the delegation’s arrival in Dushanzi. Our employees learned about the operating conditions of the plant and the results of the plant’s modernization. A meeting during which both sides shared experience and opinion on the project of modernization of the Shymkent Oil Refinery was held after the tour. Vice-President of Production, Jiang Shi presented a report where he discussed problems the plant faced in view of the upcoming modernization. He also presented several ideas on the technical part of the modernization. Technical Director S.Pilipenko presented several issues related to applying advanced international experience at the Shymkent refinery. Having studied the work of the Dushanzi plant particularly its occupational safety system and the work of the system for effluent waste treatment, A.Yemberdiyev raised the issue of sharing experience and applying it for the upcoming modernization of the Shymkent oil refinery, especially in the aspect of decreasing negative impact on the environment. Having seen the closed type rack at work, A.Aukhin made the proposal on introducing similar equipment at PKOP.

The PKOP delegation was received warmly by their Chinese colleagues. Similar introductory trips positively influence relations between the two countries and improve work of industrial enterprises.

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