Shymkent Refinery Turnaround


From the 20th of October to the 20th of November of 2009 the Shymkent Refinery, which belongs to and is managed by PetroKazakhstan Oil Products TOO, will be shut down for a planned overhaul. The refinery turnaround schedule has been agreed with the RK Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

As it has been earlier reported, with the view of stabilizing the situation in the oil product market in the south of Kazakhstan in early September PetroKazakhstan Company proposed to postpone by 10 days its PKOP refinery shutdown date, which had been earlier agreed with the RK MEMR, by shifting it from the 1st to the 10th of October of 2009. Later, due to continuing stressful situation in the fuel market the PKOP turnaround start dates were postponed by 10 days again and moved to the 20th of October, 2009.

All repair work and investment projects are aimed to improve the refinery performance and to enhance the reliability of its equipment with the view of ensuring further top-quality and continuous operation of the refinery.

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