Sulfur Production Unit commissioning


The Shymkent refinery commissioned a new production facility – the 4,000 tpa capacity Sulfur Production Unit. During the Unit commissioning the first trial batch of the new product – liquid sulfur – was received. The Project was implemented within the Shymkent Refinery Modernization and Revamping Program. While commissioning of this new unit, all applicable environmentally friendly program requirements, which exclude emissions to soil and atmosphere, were observed on the operational line. Upon commissioning of the unit there are new 27 workplaces created in the refinery.

Sulfur is in demand with wide range of application. It is required for production of salt, ethane, orthophosphoric, nitrogen and other acids, nitrogen and phosphoric fertilizers, as well as plastic material, paper, construction material, fabric, paint and coating products and detergents. Sulfur is used in crude, oil products and coke-chemical products (benzol and toluol) treatment process from harmful impurities, in metal surface cleaning before coating. The sulfuric acid solution is used as an electrolyte in acid accumulators.


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