The act of State Acceptance Committee


On the eve of the national holiday of RoK – Constitution Day,  signing of the act of State Acceptance Committee on putting into operation the facility “Reconstruction of diesel fuel HT (hydro-treatment) unit of the section 300” is completed at Shymkent refinery «PertoKazakhstan Oil Products» LLP. This is the first facility of the modernization that has been put into during implementation of the Project «PKOP LLP Shymkent refinery Modernization and Revamping (Project).

Reconstruction of diesel fuel hydro-treatment unit of the section 300 refers to the Stage 1 of the Project and is aimed to reach K-4, K-5 standards of diesel fuel in accordance with Technical Regulations of Customs Union (TR CU) 013/2011 «About requirements to auto mobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, fuels for reaction engines and masut». Assembling works per the project were conducted according to execution schedule, test output run was conducted during June 22- 26, 2015Y, based on its result there was obtained a product corresponding to standards К-4, К-5.

Brief overview of process operation: feed after blending with the hydrogen is heated in the furnace, then goes to HT catalyst layer, where take place: hydrodesulfurization, hydrogenation, and saturation of olefins and aromatic hydrocarbons, after which the flow goes to catalyst layer of HDW(Hydrodewaxing). Diesel fuel HT is conducted for quality improvement and increase of stability of fuels, lubricating oils, removal of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen-containing compositions, hydrogenation of unsaturated hydrocarbons on the special units at high temperature and increased pressure with a help of alumina-cobalt-molybdenum (or alumina-cobalt-nickel). As a result of HT – increases thermal stability, decreases fuels corrosion activity, decreases formation of sediments while storing, upgrades color and fuel odor.

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