On November 28, a professional skill competition was held at the Kumkol field for the title of “The Best Oil and Gas Production Operator” among the Youth of PetroKazakhstan. This profession is one of the key professions in our company. 

The competition dedicated to the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan and the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstani oil has become a doubly significant event for each participant. 12 young O&G production Operators decided to try their hand in competition – and did not lose. After all, this is a great opportunity to prove yourself to open new horizons for development.

12 young operators under the age of 29 years (inclusive) attended the competition: Abdimutalip Nursultan, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Altynbek Agimbayev, O&G Production Operator, grade 4, Zhenisbek Akkoyanov, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Nurbolat Balmanov, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Nurbol Kalmakhanov, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Yerzhan Kenzhebekov, Aryskum o/f O&G production Operator, grade 4; Zhenis Keulimzhayev, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Doskhan Kulmashov, O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Maksat Kydyrbayev, SEKK o/f O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Zhandos Tashkenbayev, SWKB o/f O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Yerlan Turlybayev, Aryskum o/f O&G Production Operator, grade 4; Serikbol Shynbergenov, O&G Production Operator, grade 4. 

The work of the participants was evaluated by the Competition Committee and Expert Group. The Competition Committee included: Bruce Anderson, Deputy Director of the Production; Bakhytgul Yessirkepova, Deputy Director, Production Services; Hong Yanchun, Deputy Production Director, Nuradil Zholdybaev, Head of Production Technology, Yerbol Bekzhanov, Head of HSE Group.

The expert group was represented by Team Leader, Labor Measurement Group, Nurlan Alipbayev, Team Leader of Maintenance department, Adilbek Nurkishev, Leading engineer-technologist of the Technological department, Nurlan Asanov, Leading mechanical engineer, Materials and Cost Control Group, Bakhitbek Turbashov, Safety and Labor Protection Engineer Kurmanbek Akhmetov.

Opening the competition, participants were welcomed by Deputy Director of the Production Bruce Anderson and Deputy Production Director  Hong Yanchun.

You have a great opportunity to unleash the potential and demonstrate professional skills at the competition – said Bruce Anderson. — I started out in my career as an operator. I wish each of you a brilliant performance and may the best win!

Mr. Hong Yanchun also noted that the value of such events is that they increase the prestige of working professions and are a great incentive for the development of professional skills of competitors.

The competitive program consisted of theoretical and practical stages. The participants coped without any difficulties with a test of 20 questions, including questions from the field of professional knowledge and competencies, production technology, operating rules and technological characteristics of the equipment. The maximum number of points is 10. 

In the course of the practical part, the participants had to complete an assignment that is part of their professional competencies. The task “Replacing the packing of the upper and working chambers of the wellhead gland” is encountered in everyday work, each operator who claims to be the best must clearly know how to act in a given situation.

Judges evaluated not only the implementation of all required actions of working with equipment, but also compliance with labor protection requirements. The maximum mark for completing the assignment is 10 points.

The professional skill competition does not require sports training from the participants, but the oilmen have to count seconds and points with the same excitement as the sportsman. Each of the operators needs not only to demonstrate their knowledge and skills, but also to meet the strictly allotted time. If you don’t act fast – then say goodbye to necessary points for victory. 

“The conditions are equal to everyone. The winner is the one who has the best experience, skills and who can cope with excitement. Each mistake is a minus recorded in the protocol” confirms member of the expert group Nurlan Alipbayev. 

The contestants shared their impressions of participation in the competition. O&G production operator, Doskhan Kulmashov noted that only excitement could fail him during the competition: “There is nothing complicated in the performance of your daily work, but when you are evaluated, it’s completely different. Therefore, I carefully trained and seriously prepared for the competition”.

O&G production operator, Zhandos Tashkenbayev: “I do not regret to participate in the competition, I regard this for myself as a new incentive for professional development”.

Summing up the professional skills competition, it can be noted that all the participants showed excellent results, which means that the production is in good hands!

According to the results of two stages, the best young operator of oil and gas production with 19.5 points was the operator of oil and gas production, grade 4, of Kumkol o/f, Kulmashev Doskhan. In second place with 18 points is the operator of oil and gas production, grade 4, of Kumkol o/f, Balmanov Nurbolat. And the third prize went to the operator for oil and gas production, grade 4, of Aryskum o/f, Turlybayev Yerlan.

The winners of the competition were awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes, and participants were given memorable gifts.

For instilling such values as hard-working nature, goodwill, for focusing on self-development and achieving high results, the parents of young specialists were encouraged with letters of thanks and a memoir written by Irina Serkebayeva “Bibigul Tulegenova: suispenshіlіk, umіt zhane senіm”.

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