All family members should lead a healthy lifestyle. After all, parents for their children are an example for imitation.

On October 14 of this year, “PetroKazakhstan” sports complex hosted a sports competition for the whole family “Dad, Mom, Me – a Sports Family”! The competition was attended by families of employees of the company “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” JSC.

The participants were six friendly family teams: “Zhyldyzdar” (Bagdat Tobashev’s family), “Vysshaya liga” (Sabit Sultan’s family), “Uly dala khimigi” (Maksat Ashimov’s family), “Baiterek” (Seilbek Berkenov’s family), “Three A: Alibek, Aizhan, Anel” (Aizhan Tolybekova’s family) and “Birlik” (Batyrbek Medetbaev’s family).

The competition was evaluated by the jury consisting of: Aktolkyn Sultangereeva – public relations Manager; Bibigul Umbetova – secretary of the commission for women and family and demographic policy under the akim of Kyzylorda oblast; Kulyash Karshalova – Director of Kyzylorda branch of SF “Asyl miras”.

The colleagues, relatives and friends came to support the participants. A cheerful and noisy atmosphere of sporting excitement and positive reigned in the gym. All stages of the exciting competition took place in a tense struggle. But the main thing is a team unity.

 Captains of the teams were, of course, children!, A joy of the warmth of family communication and the opportunity to “play” with their own parents shone in the happy and enthusiastic faces of the young contestants. Interesting relay races such as “Visiting card”, “the Fastest”, “Legendary bags”, “Dad of our dreams”, “Papamamomobile”, “Three in a boat”, “Rope pulling” were aimed at checking the unity of the family, speed, strength and agility. Only together, helping each other, families could win. And they won! Each family became the winner in a certain nomination of the competition.

Participants of the competition shared their warm wishes. “The main thing was to feel the sporting excitement, get a great adrenaline, spend invaluable hours with the family”, – they said.

Here are just a few impressions of the competition participants:
Sabit, Ainur, Yerseit (team “Vishaya liga”): “The competition is interesting, received a lot of positive. My family and I had a great time – everyone is happy. My wife and I constantly support the form, we train. Today, I liked most of all the final competition “Rope pulling”, which required a lot of physical strength. — said Sabit Sultan, the head of the family-winner of the competition.

Bagdat, Asiya and Dinmukhammed (team “Zhuldyzdar”): “Participated in the first time. I personally was terribly worried, but after the first competition the excitement evaporated, it became interesting, fun. There were very fervent competitions; all very friendly, – shared Asiya Kirbayeva. – The event is remarkable, next year we will definitely participate”.

Alibek, Aizhan and Anel (team “Three A”): “We really liked the idea of such competitions. They are aimed at uniting the family, they have a real sports spirit. Anel really liked the stage of the competition “Papamamamobile”, where we carried her on crossed arms”- said Aizhan Tolybekova. 

Seilbek, Aiman and Raikhan (team “Baiterek”): “We went to the competition with the motto “The main thing is not victory, but participation”. The prize-winning place was a big surprise. The competition will remain in our memory as one of the bright moments of family life”. – Seilbek Berkenov shared.

Based on the results of 7 rounds, the tam “Vysshaya liga”, the family of Sabit Sultan became the winner of the family sports competition “Dad, mom, me – a sports family”. They received a diploma of the first degree and a TV”.

The second place in the sports family competition “Dad, mom, me a sports family” was taken by the team “Uly dala khimigi”, the family of Maksat Ashimov. They became holders of the Diploma of II degree and a modern multifunctional food processor.

Diploma of the III degree of the competition “Dad, mom, me – a sports family” was given to the team “Baiterek”, the family of Selibek Berkenov. As a gift the Berkenovs got a multi-cooker.

Nominations “Most purposeful family” have been marked the team “Zhuldyzdar”, the family of Bagdat Tobashev, “For surprising stubbornness on the way to victory” – the team “Birlik”, the family of Batyrbek Medetbayev, “For the will to win” – the team “Three A” the family of Aizhan Tolybekova. Nominees were given a teapot with a whistle.

Captains of the teams Dinmukhammed (team “Zhuldyzdar”), Yerseit (team “Vysshaya liga”), Yernar (team “Uly dala khimigi”), Raikhan (team “Baiterek”), Anel (team “Three A”) and Arai (team “Birlik”) were awarded toy-constructers.

From the social fund “Asyl miras”, the team “Birlik” the family of Batyrbek Medetbayev was awarded with the nomination “Audience choice award”.

The highlights of the sports competition were the performances of Yernar Maksatuly (team “Uly dala khimigi”) and the little gymnast Kausar Seilbekkyzy (the fan of the team “Baiterek”).

Such a sporting event as “Dad, mom, me – a sports family” helps to attract a child and parents to sports, contributes to the development of the team spirit. In addition, children, participating in competitions, feel pride in sports and friendly parents.

The event has proved that being athletic, healthy and active is fashionable at all times. And to have a happy, healthy family is the dream of every person that can be realized if one really wants to!

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