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PetroKazakhstan is one of the largest hydrocarbon subsoil user companies in the South Turgai basin, developing 10 oil fields.
Currently, PetroKazakhstan holds contracts for hydrocarbon production at the Kumkol (south-east part), Kumkol South, Eastern Kumkol, Northern Nuraly, Kyzylkiya, Aryskum, Maibulak, South-Western Karabulak, Karabulak and Bukharsai fields.
Also, having the necessary material base, professional qualifications, skills, labor and all other necessary means, the Company provides services for “Kolzhan” LLP for production and evaluation of discovered fields, including the North-West Kyzylkiya, West Tuzkol, North Ketekazgan fields , as well as the development of the Tuzkol, Zhanbyrshy, Ketekazgan Western fields for industrial development; for “PetroKazakhstan Ventures Inc” at the fields South-East Doshchan, Doshzhan South and North-Eastern Doshchan.
Today, PetroKazakhstan is working with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to prepare the Northern Karabulak field for industrial development, approve project documents and conclude a contract for hydrocarbon production
For exploration areas, due to the expiration of contracts, 100% return of the contract area to the state is carried out, except for mining areas in areas included in Mining Allotment

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