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One of the priorities in the social activities of PetroKazakhstan – is promoting of healthy lifestyles among employees and financial support for sports development in regions.

Since 1997 the company’s management in association with the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of Kyzylorda region annually holds traditional tournaments in basketball and football among school children of oblast for Cups and prizes of “PetroKazakhstan”.
Pleasant fact, over 19 years the tournaments have gained so much popularity that their geography has gone beyond the boundaries of Kyzylorda region. Particularly in recent years, a serious bid to win them do boys and girls from South Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Aktobe regions and even Russia teams.
In the meantime in 1997, the first tournament of one of the most ancient Kazakh national game “Togyz kumalak” was carried out. This table game on the board develops logical mathematical thinking, sharpness and exposure of children.

Over the last 15 years the Competition among disabled children is carried out. Currently, in this competition annually participate 60-80 children.
Over the years, PetroKazakhstan is the general sponsor of the football club “Kaisar” which protects the sport colors of oblast on the national and international arenas.

In addition, in Kyzylorda region the company actively sponsors the development of weightlifting. In particular, PetroKazakhstan rendered direct assistance to great athlete of our time, Kyzylorda weightlifter Ilya Ilyin in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Currently, Ilya Ilyin – a four-time world champion, two-time winner of the Olympic Games.

In May 2015 with the financial support of “PKKR” in the neighborhood “Saulet”, Kyzylorda with participation of akim of region Krymbek Kusherbayev inaugurated playground named after  two-time Olympic champion, four-time winner of the world championships, world champion Ilya Ilyin. In 2014, within the framework of social business responsibility AO “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources” has allocated 30 million tenge for the reconstruction of playground.
At a site of 3710.8 sq.m. built new mini-soccer field, playground for a chess and streetball games as well as children’s play and simulator areas are established. The area is fully developed, landscaped, fenced, set litter-boxes, benches and installed electric lighting.
Over the last 20 years every year at Kumkol and KAM fields held traditional spring and autumn competitions among employees of the company and its contractors. Competition program includes 8 types of sports – football, futsal, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiards, chess and fishing.

In particular, in spring 2015 in Kyzylorda sports complex PetroKazakhstan took place sixth traditional tournament of Futsal among divisions of AO “PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources”. Each year the favorites of the competition are teams of AO PKKR divisions – “UMR” (materials management), “Finance Department”, “CIS” (central engineering service), “CDNG” (oil and gas production shop), “CGF” (central gas facility) and “CPF” (central pumping facility).

It should be noted that according to the results of current competitions the candidates are determined for “PKKR” team who take part in the main sports event of the year – Corporate Competition of PetroKazakhstan. It is held since 2009 and its main task is the development of mass sport and promotion of healthy lifestyles among employees.

Many new names, victories and achievements were entered to chronicle of the main sporting event of the company during this relatively short period. But the most important victory is that the physical culture and sport has become an integral part of everyday life for PetroKazakhstan employees.

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