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Dobrovolnoye Obshestvo Miloserdiye (DOM) (“Mercy” Voluntary Society)

The Public Fund Dobrovolnoye Obshestvo Miloserdiye (DOM) (“Mercy” Voluntary Society) is the company’s long-time partner. The Fund was created in 2006 and keeps working in three key areas.
“Present Children with Life” is a constant campaign of the fund and it carries out fund-raising and searches for clinics for little patients with diseases which cannot be cured in Kazakhstan The project is primarily aimed at systemic changes in healthcare in Kazakhstan. The fund conducts master classes to train Kazakh doctors in the latest medical technologies, organizes foreign internships, and analyzes various topical issues with the involvement of highly qualified experts as part of the project.
Company has been a sponsor of the “Present Children with Live” program on Khabar TV-channel since 2011 to facilitate public awareness and increase the number of interested Kazakhstanis who want to participate in charitable activities to the best of their ability. Thanks to this program, funds are raised for the treatment of sick children. The Project “Autism can be overcome!” is aimed at systemic changes in the provision of specialized assistance and social adaptation of children with ASD (autism spectrum disorders). The “Autism can be overcome!” center works in Almaty under the project, where children with ASD can receive specialized comprehensive care.
“Kazakhstan without orphans” project aims to alter the system of state guardianship for children left without parental care so that children could enjoy their right to grow up and be brought up in a family to the maximum possible extent. A Republican Data Bank of Orphans and Children Left Without Parental Care has been created and is working under the project.

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