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Social Projects

Company has been supporting the creative team of Almaty School of Choreography named after A. Seleznyov since 2009, which has been providing basic choreographic education to ballet dancers and dance ensemble artists for more than 80 years. About 3,000 students have graduated from the Seleznyov’s school to date, among them 10 have the title of the People’s Artist, more than 60 are Honored and Distinguished Artists of Kazakhstan and Russia. The teaching staff of the ballet school has trained more than four hundred laureates of prestigious international competitions and festivals of ballet and folk dance over the past 25 years alone. Several Republican and International contests have been held at the school, and the country’s only Theater of Young Ballet Artists has been opened, which now bears the name of Shara Zhienkulova. Graduates of the school can be seen on the leading ballet stages around the globe. The high competitiveness of the school’s graduates in many countries of the world demonstrates that Kazakh choreographic art is in great demand.
Over the years of cooperation, the company has financially supported the graduates’ participation in international contests, the purchase of office equipment, the creation of a Time on Pointe video, various repair and restoration work, the purchase of stage costumes for school students, and Orleu Annual International Contest of Choreographic Schools.
Company supported sponsorship and charitable projects in the area of education, and organizations working with orphans and providing assistance to children with disabilities. These include: Orphanage No. 2 in Almaty for orphans and kids left without parents’ care, ARDI (Association of the Parents of Disabled Children), Kenes Social Adaptation and Labor Rehabilitation Center and other.
Particular attention was paid to WWII veterans, PetroKazakhstan provided support to the Councils of WWII Veterans in Almaty and Medeu District, to the association of the Veterans Geologists of Southern Kazakhstan, and the fund of WWII Veterans and Home Front Workers.
Company contributes to the promotion of sports in Kazakhstan, regularly supporting Kazakhstan’s amateur sports federations and talented athletes, as well as taking part in projects aimed to promote healthy lifestyle. Such projects include the support of the Tennis Federation, the Burabike charitable cycling marathon, and others.

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