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In accordance with the order, there are civil protection teams in the refinery territory formed from among the personnel of the refinery departments and contractor organizations:

emergency technical group for repair of power grids
emergency warning and communication group
emergency technical group for repair of air and heat networks
protective facilities maintenance groups
emergency technical group for repair of water networks and sewage
rescue team
radiation exploration group
sanitary team
In contractor organizations:
In addition to the above, the civil protection forces include regular bodies:
The civil protection teams are equipped with all necessary equipment for emergency rescue operations in case of natural and man-made emergencies, both in the territory of the refinery and outside it.

In order to ensure the implementation of civil defense activities at PKOP LLP, there is a Civil Defense Headquarters (CD Headquarters) consisting of:

Members of the CD Headquarters: Director, Operations; Chief of Energy, Chief Mechanic, Chief Metrologist, Chief Technologist, Director, Projects Control of CC&NPD.

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