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In order to increase the level of preparedness for emergency response, practical and theoretical drills and trainings of various levels are regularly held. In order for the technological personnel to develop practical skills of action and interaction with emergency services, practical drills are held in accordance with the approved Schedule for conducting refinery drills with the involvement of the plant’s emergency services and a representative of the authorized body, as well as workshop emergency drills are held at all gas hazardous facilities of the plant.
In order to protect the employees and facilities of PKOP LLP, the “Civil Defense Plan” and “Emergency Response Plan” have been developed and approved. In case of emergency situation in the territory of PKOP LLP, the Warning and Communication Scheme in Case of Emergency Situations has been developed and approved.

In the territory of the refinery, the following are used to organize the civil protection:

Systems are maintained by the Information Technologies and Telecommunications Department, as well as by specialized contractual organizations.
Within Y2022, there were no accidents in PKOP LLP.

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