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In order to implement the Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Policy (open), as well as to reduce emergency situation through strict compliance with ST RK ISO 50001-2012 Standard requirements, PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP has set itself the following objectives:

Reduce consumption and rational use of energy resources: ensure industrial safety, increase industrial control efficiency over observance of energy consumption requirements
Reduce risks connected with energy resource consumption by using and implementing up-to-date energy saving equipment and technology
Exercise a control over energy consumption, exclude groundless expenses, enhance economical efficiency, productiveness and improving the equipment operation procedures, and motivating and training of personnel
Since 16.07.2019, a solar power plant was put into operation at PKOP LLP. Also in 2019, the electric energy generating capacities, drives – a turbo expander and a steam turbine generator were put into operation in the enterprise’s modernization units. The total amount of generated (produced) renewable energy broken down by sources for 2022 was:

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