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PKOP LLP carries out the production environmental control on the basis of the Production Environmental Control Program, the results of which are submitted quarterly to the Shymkent Ecology Department in the established form.
The Production Environmental Control Program establishes a mandatory list of the parameters monitored in the process of production environmental control, criteria for determining its periodicity, duration and frequency of measurements, instrumental or calculation methods used.

The objectives of production environmental control are:

Production environmental control monitors operational monitoring, emission and impact monitoring, including: atmospheric air monitoring, water resources monitoring, soil, land and production waste monitoring. As part of the monitoring, work is under way to study the labor protection impact of nearby villages.
Work in emergency situations is carried out in accordance with accident elimination plans developed separately for each division of the refinery.
At PKOP LLP, production environmental control is carried out by the Environmental Team, certified laboratory of “Reactivsnab”, LLP, the Refinery Laboratory, as well as the involved specialized hydrogeological laboratory.

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