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Health and Safety

HSE Guiding principles of the Company are:

  1. HSE requirements shall be a priority in all decisions made.
  2. Working safely is a condition of employment.
  3. Employees are obliged to know and comply with the HSE requirements, set in the employers’ acts when performing their job duties.
  4. Company is obliged to refer to HSE performance of an employee when evaluating his/her working performance as well as in all incentive programs of the Company.
  5. Company is obliged to provide HSE training to employees and the employees are obliged to pass such training and safety knowledge assessment as required by the legislation.
  6. Employees of all levels are directly responsible and accountable for HSE compliance within their job duties.
  7. Line Management must participate in HSE audits and inspections in person.
  8. Line Management jointly with employees are obliged to participate in hazards identification, risk assessment and control at their working places.
  9. All hazards must be promptly eliminated as reasonably practical.
  10. All accidents/ incidents and near misses must be reported, investigated, analyzed and dealt with.
  11. Consistent HSE standards shall be applied to suppliers’ management. HSE performance shall be considered when choosing a supplier of goods, works or services.
PKOSI AB developed and implemented “Regulation on HSE Management System”. The Regulation’s structure is adapted to the structure of the international standard ISO 45001:2018.
The Company has established a Working Council for Health and Safety in order to pursue joint actions of the employer and employees aimed at ensuring the compliance with occupational safety and health requirements, preventing occupational injuries and diseases. On a parity basis, the Council is comprised of employer representatives and technical inspectors for labor protection acting as employees’ representatives. Council meetings deal with employer and employee proposals regarding the elimination of detected HSE violations, creation of safe working environment in the Company; producing programs, recommendations, directives and taking other measures that meet requirements on occupational safety and prevention of occupational injuries and diseases.
The Company is efficiently implementing the “Employee Rewarding Program for Reporting of Near Misses, Unsafe Conditions / Actions”, within the framework of which employees are quarterly rewarded and awarded with certificates and memorable pins.
In order to improve the level of traffic safety and reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents all vehicles carrying passengers are equipped with on-board monitoring systems (GPS). Once every three years, all drivers undergo advanced training in safe driving. There is an agreement with a professional medical institution for mandatory pre-shift medical examinations of the drivers.
The company has implemented an HSE risk management program. Hazards have been identified and risks assessed for occupational health and safety in the workplace, including risks for the effective functioning of the HSE Management System, action plans have been developed to control and reduce the identified risks.
All incidents and near misses are recorded, investigated and analyzed with the help of an automated module in the SAP system – HSE incident management module.

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