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The climate change has become one of the most important challenges facing humanity in recent years. The climate change affects both people and natural systems, and can lead to significant changes in resource use, production and economic activity.
At PKOP LLP, the control of atmospheric emissions from stationary sources is regulated in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan. PKOP LLP supports the state policy on global mitigation, commitments regarding greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the strategy of developing the renewable energy sources and environmental impact reduction, which contribute to the accelerated transition of enterprises to a “green economy” and the principles of the best available technologies.
Every year, PKOP LLP carries out greenhouse gases (GHG) inventory. The GHG inventory report and plant certificate shall be verified, and the GHG emission monitoring plan shall be validated by an accredited independent body. Based on the results, we receive a positive expert conclusion.
A verified report on the inventory of greenhouse gases is submitted electronically to the state carbon cadastre.
Greenhouse gas emissions:
GHG 2020 2021 2022
СО2, Ktons 910,440 956,154 1418,328
СН4, equivalent to Ktons of СО2 СО2 0,438 0,420 0,240
N2O, equivalent to Ktons of СО2 4,440 4,94 1,725

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