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In order to comply with the requirements of the legislation in PKOP LLP the Waste Management Program, agreed with the state bodies in the field of environmental protection, was developed and implemented. Significant cash is allocated on an annual basis and investments are identified to address waste generation issues.
Following the requirements of the environmental legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the hazardous wastes, which cannot be neutralized, recycled, and disposed at our facilities, are transported to specialized landfills. Control over the contracting organizations is exercised with respect to fulfillment of the requirements by them on safe transportation, disposal and management of wastes.
The purpose of PKOP LLP is to dispose of contaminants in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner. The mandatory condition is the absence of secondary contamination from the process of processing historical contaminants. For this purpose, PKOP LLP plans to attract only responsible, well-equipped specialized companies capable of introducing and using the most modern safe technologies for processing oil wastes. The processing technology used by the contractor in 2018 is a thermal method (waste incineration method in special furnaces).
Currently, PKOP LLP processes oil slurries at decanter plant (sludge dewatering) with extraction of oil products, water with subsequent return to production cycle and separation of mechanical impurities.
Use of methods and technologies for processing and disposal of hazardous wastes directly at the refinery, which allows reducing the risks at their displacement to the landfill or disposal place of contractors.

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